Vietnam Veteran Mike Lentino 1/9 Cavalry Troop A
Monument Valley Rainstorm
Thundermaker Cultural Recovery
Navajo Nation Oil & Gas Company Community Promo
Navajo Nation Oil & Gas Company Community Outreach
Cecelia Lucy Tree: Tohdenesshai Shelter Home
A Winter Day In Kayenta
Lukachukai Community School
Tohdenasshai Shelter Home Promo
Kayenta Centennial
Rough Rock Community School
Pirates of the Navajo Nation
Max Cavalera of Soulfly: 360 Video
Some samples of our drone work
Live Concert: Soulfly
Warrior Run 2018
Warrior Run 2016
Navajo Code Talker: Samuel Holidy
AH-HOS-TEEND Retired Official Trailer
D.C. Navajo – Short Film
Lynda Lovejoy Navajo Nation Presidential Campaigns 2006 & 2010
Music Video: Keddah Alkeme 1345
The Plateros Live: Voodoo Chile
Music Video: The Plateros – Without You
Music Video: The Plateros – Forever I’m With You
The Plateros Promo
Music Video: The Broken Circle – Grant II
Music Video: Ethnic De Generation – Self Infliction
Music Video: Coalition – Cry
Movie Trailer #1: Mile Post 398
Movie Trailer #2: Mile Post 398
Short Experimental Film: Yellow Dust
Short Film: The Last Great Hunt
Navajo Nation Police Day – Kayenta, AZ 5/12/2023